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How to Find Happiness in Your Life

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Multiplication | M.A.T.H. (Making Adjustments Towards Happiness)®

Multiplication provides you with opportunities to find and do things that bring you joy & take your breath away.

In math, to multiply means to add equal groups. When we multiply, the number of things increase quickly. It’s basically adding but faster, but requires a little more work.

Multiplication sounds difficult because you may be looking for joy or happiness in other people or places. Your joy may even be determined by the amount of money you have or the people you have access to. However, this is not what will help you find true happiness.

Finding joy is an elusive concept because it means something different for each person. We will provide you with multiplication strategies that will help you begin your journey of the ultimate quest for joy and happiness.

So before we can begin multiplication, we must first take a test to see if you are ready to advance...just kidding. But we have created a “Self-Care Assessment” to help you to identify some of the things you do really well and others that may need further exploration or improvement. The self-care assessment will ask you to rate or evaluate things that you do or could do to help improve or maintain your overall well-being.

They usually cover five key categories:

1. Physical

2. Psychological/Emotional

3. Spiritual

4. Social

5. Professional self-care

The assessments uses a self reporting scale that provides you with some insight of somethings that you already do well and expand your thinking on other things you need to multiply. So, before we go any further let’s click here and complete the Self-Care Assessment so you can discover what area in your personal life is in need of a loving boost. You can access a printable version for you to begin using now and review a completed Self-Care Assessment for guidance.

How to Multiply

Now that you have completed the self-care assessment, you know what things in your life you need to begin focusing on and working towards to feel more fulfilled in your everyday life. However, there are some universal things that we all can do find happiness.

  1. Laugh as much as possible: Genuine laughter releases happy hormones like oxytocin and endorphins. These are hormones that uplift you and are similar to dopamine. Laughter can be contagious and is good for your soul and mind. Laughter can change your mood and help you collect moments of joy that you can string together.

  2. Declutter the space where you spend the most time: This will allow you to relax in a space that will give you peace and eventually joy.

  3. Use Your Self-Care Assessment: Use the outcome of this assessment to find new things to try.

  4. Give to others: Giving to others does not mean money but it can mean time or support. Helping a neighbor with running errands, picking up trash in your community or volunteering in any capacity.

  5. Spiritual connection: Maintain a spiritual connection or use meditation. Find some time daily for spiritual or meaningful reflection.

  6. Use positive affirmations: Use positive words that affirm good aspects about yourself. Post them around your home. Use motivational quotes daily until you can find the joy for yourself and then continue by sharing them with others.

Your well-being is so important and being happy shouldn't feel like an unattainable luxury. We all have the right to feel happiness and joy every day. The catch is we have to create that happiness for ourselves. When we start to believe we genuinely have some control over our lives, we begin to see transformation.

"True happiness arises, in the first place, from the enjoyment of one's self"


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